Is this why Tesla is the battery champion?

Tesla has opened a new world’s largest Supercharger station with a whopping 72 charging stalls. It’s a new record.

The new charging station is located at the Jing’an International Center in the center of the Chinese megacity.

Recently,  Tesla announced that it deployed its 20,000th charger in the Supercharger network.

Tesla doesn’t rely on third-party charging networks, having invested in its own charging networks to optimize its ownership experience.

This is why Tesla is the battery champion and why people are investing in this company.

The automaker built the Supercharger network to enable long-distance driving and quick city charging, says

The Supercharger network can charge electric vehicles at a charge rate of up to 250 kW.

It has the latest Supercharger V3 technology, though most stations are equipped with systems capable of charging up to 120 kW.

The supercharger allows vehicle owners to simply plug in their car and it starts charging.

But Tesla does not rely on the charging network as a source of revenue, though it bills for the charging.

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