FBI gets wind of huge uprising, armed protest all over the US

The FBI, says ABC News, has received tips on armed protests at all capitol hills of the 50 states in the United States.

The Bureau has also received tips on plans to storm state buildings, local and federal government courthouses and administrative buildings.

The FBI source calls it ‘an uprising’ in the making all over the US and the Capital Hill is not spared.

This is from an FBI bulletin the ABC News says it has seen.

The planned mass attacks against government buildings and offices across the US is linked to attempts to remove President Donald Trump from office.

Trump has less than 8 days to remain in office before he leaves on Jan 20.

The armed protests and the storming of buildings are to start this week but so far we have heard or seen nothing.

The day President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, the crowd of armed people are supposed to storm government buildings across the country.

Whether the state has certified the electoral votes for Trump or Biden will not matter, the protests will go on and the storming of buildings will happen, says the memo.

“The FBI received information about an identified armed group intending to travel to Washington, DC on 16 January,” the bulletin read.

“They have warned that if Congress attempts to remove POTUS via the 25th Amendment, a huge uprising will occur.”

For the Jan 6 event or 621 in which thousands surrounded the Capitol Hill or the House of Representatives, approximately 29 individuals and/or social media accounts of individuals who unlawfully entered the Capitol had been identified as of Sunday.

The FBI says least five people died during the siege on the Capitol, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

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