The Malaysian of the year 2020! – VIDEO

The world experienced a pandemic in 2020 and a dramatic loss of human life worldwide.

It was an unprecedented challenge to the public health care systems and a severe economic and social disruption that resulted in a loss of jobs and a rise in poverty.

Malaysians were not spared with our economic activity almost grinding to a halt, corporates experiencing plummeting revenues while the people faced extreme hardships.Students experienced difficulty as schools and universities were closed.

Teachers and students had for the first time grapple with teaching online through unfamiliar means while some students in the rural area had connectivity and accessibility issues.

Amidst the gloom and doom, there were many Malaysians that rose to the occasion and showed that adversity brought out the best in them.

hey extended a helping hand to needy Malaysian and did the nation proud.

One Malaysian girl stood tall among many others. Veveonah, a student at the University of Malaya, Sabah had to sit for an examination.

She did not allow depredation to deter her from her lofty ambitions. She climbed a tree to get access to WIFI to sit for her exams.

Any lesser being would have buckled under the weight of those pressures but she displayed grit, determination and indomitable courage in the wake of adversity.

She showed Malaysians that crisis always brings the best in us.

Because of her exemplary action and conduct, we nominate her as the Malaysian of the year 2020.

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