Who is the famous ‘Laughing Man’ meme started by the Muslim Brotherhood?

The BBC says the Laughing Man meme was started by the Muslim Brotherhood supporters who used Laughing Man to make their point during the 2014 elections in Egypt.

Yes, the supporters of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood movement started the famous “Laughing Man’ meme in Arabic.

And a video on Apple launch of a new laptop without USB port shows the laughing man as an Apple engineer laughing it off. The video has 8.1 million views on YouTube.

Of course, the man is real, but little was known about him. The BBC has the story and here is our adaptation.

According to the #BBCTrending: How ‘Laughing Man’ spread around the world story, the original Laughing man is a Spanish man on a TV show in Spain. The BBC video is 6 years old and is still trending! it has almost 572,000 views on YouTube.

He is famous around the world for his loud guffawing. He spread like wild fire on the internet and has been used to criticise Russian president Vladimir Putin or is simply used in funny videos on Facebook.

His laugh is also popular on TikTok. But who is the ‘Spanish Laughing Man’?

Here is the BBC video on the Laughing Man

What is the Laughing Man really talking about in the original video?

One thing is for sure: The Laughing Man is not talking about politics, Apple blunders (or some thought it was) or what migrants think about the wall built by President Donald Trump in the US.

Some people say he was laughing because he was telling a story on how he was fired from a restaurant and others say he wasn’t fired, but he just walked away after a cook charged him the “paelleras” that he lost on a beach.

Watch the original video of the Laughing Man who is speaking in Spanish on a TV show. The video has 12 million views.

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