Apple-Kia electric autonomous vehicles talk quickly evaporates

Talks between Apple and Hyundai for the manufacture of Apple’s electric car in the KIA plant in Georgia has simply evaporated.

The state is now gaping with the loss of the potential as the project stalls after Hyundai and affiliate Kia say they are “not in talks with Apple about making autonomous vehicles.”

They made their point in regulatory filings Monday that they are not in talks with Apple about making autonomous vehicles.

Wall Street Journal says the talks had broken down but no one is telling what led to the collapse of the deal.
In West Point, Mayor Steve Tramell said “it would have been phenomenal to have that kind of boost in our community” and called the latest news “very disappointing.”

Apple is believed to be working on an electric vehicle project that it plans to launch a few years down the road.

The video gives a sneak-peak of what the car could look like, while people commenting on the news piece are saying it will not come with a charger!

Central to the strategy is a new battery design. Reuters says the car reportedly will be powered by breakthrough ‘monocell’ battery technology that could radically reduce cost.

The battery will also increase the vehicle’s range before it needs a recharge.

Apple will have a manufacturing partner to build the Apple-branded vehicles, and it will focus on an autonomous-driving system.

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