Macron is erroneous in linking Islam to the cancel culture

Macron is erroneous in linking Islam to the cancel culture

February 12, 2021 0 By WFTV

La France, where ‘Liberte’ is king, is afraid. Muslims are adopting the cancel culture from the United States. The cancel culture will impact the French way of living.

The French President Emmanuelle Macron is fighting against the problem, and he is roping in the intellectuals and thinkers of France to assist him in this battle.

Nevertheless, for the French government, this is an existential problem that could erode the French culture.

What is the problem? Macron believes the American left is influencing the Muslim minority in the country. Islam, he says to his people, is practising the cancel culture.

What is the cancel culture? For Macron, it means the separatism practised by the Muslims for generations in France.

However, a majority of the Muslims do not mix with the French. They are taught a different culture than the French, and they live in close ranks. This is what the French government is saying.

In France, the new American wave of protests against everything is probably a new form of ‘American imperialism’.

True it is that American global influence is diminishing and democracy is taking a turn for the worst with the January 6 incidents at the Capitol in the US.

Yet there is one thing that we cannot stop, and that is the deep impact American culture has on the rest of the world.


For the French President, the threat is existential and secessionist, says the New York Times.

Since France has decided—after the beheading of a French school teacher by a Muslim Russian immigrant—that Islam is segregationist, it is proposing a charter to submit the Muslims to the French constitution.

We discussed the charter in an article yesterday.

Some incidents in France have triggered the alarm bell at the Elysee, the French Presidency.

They are saying the tendencies among students and professors (lecturers) in American universities are becoming unbearable in France.

Macron is going against the ‘importation’ of the pre-dominance of the cancel culture from the US.


It is like saying no to Coca Cola and Burgers at McDonald’s. But then, India did the same thing years ago when it cancelled McDonald’s beef burger.

From that moment, India went down the road of anarchy with attacks against Muslims and the beef-eating Indians.

Will France also go down the same road with India where one group of extremists are in power and they are changing the way India breathes?

The cancel culture is sparking Muslims to defend their culture of religious separatism from the French culture says Macron. But Muslims are always united under the banner of Islam. This will not change.

For the French authorities, including Mr Macron, the threat of cancel culture ‘abets’ Islamism—the new political target of the far-right leaning Macron.

Furthermore, linking Islam to the cancel culture is seriously flawed. The Muslims in France have a long history of living according to the laws of the country.

There have been a few hot-heads who took the law in their own hands. Perhaps frustrated they are not getting attention and caused heavy casualties.

But that is not the entire Muslim community in France.

To say the Muslims are using the cancel culture and Black Lives Matter to pursue their separatism is ridiculous.

It shows one thing. The other extremity that is the extreme right is winning over the presidency.

It also shows that Macron is losing more popularity, and the next president in France could be an extreme right-wing leader.

Thus, Macron is doing all he can to prevent the extreme right from taking over, and he is playing the ‘Muslim segregationist’ card to secure his presidency.