UK Online conspiracy theories pose a threat to vaccination among Muslims

A CNN report says the UK’s Vaccination Program is hit by online rumours and conspiracy theories prompting Muslims and Hindus to be wary of the content.

For Muslims, the conspiracy theories raise the question of halal or haram. This has prompted Imaams in the Masjids in the UK to explain that the vaccine is halal. (Watch Video).

Studies suggest social media is being used to amplify harmful and unfounded claims about the COVID-19 vaccines.

One in three people in the UK (34%) says they’ve seen or heard messages discouraging the public from getting a coronavirus vaccine.

The research, by King’s College London and Ipsos MORI, also reveals that a notable minority believe conspiracy theories about a Covid-19 vaccine.

The belief is especially high among younger people and those who get a lot of information on the pandemic from social media platforms.

Nevertheless, the UK is moving at breakneck speed with its vaccine programme.

Though the country is moving forward with its plans, some restrictions could remain in place until all UK adults have been vaccinated.

Dr Susan Hopkins said each phase of easing social-distancing measures would need to be watched “very carefully”, telling Sky News: “I think that once we get to a very low level of community [transmission], we will need to have ongoing measures in place until the adult population are vaccinated.

“What those measures are, we will have to watch and see, but I think it is really important that we keep the rates as low as possible for as long as possible this year.”

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