What is happening in Saudi Arabia? A departure from Islamic laws?

Saudi Arabia is not the same country that it was a few years ago. It is a country of reforms with a courageous leader (Prince Muhammad Bin Salman) in command. This is what opinion writers are saying in Saudi Arabia.

Many would think the Saudis are abandoning the Sharia for a more ‘modern’ code of law. But the Saudi authorities say it is not. Let’s find out what’s really happening in Saudi Arabia with all the talks of reforms.

This is what you can read in Saudi Arabia dailies on what is happening in the country since Prince MBS is in control.

In an opinion piece in the Saudi Gazette, Hani Aldahri says courage is required to admit defects and carry out the inevitable corrections.

“This is what is confirmed in the statement of the Crown Prince, who addresses his people with complete sincerity,” says the writer.

He went on to say, “The biggest, greatest, and most important gift that destiny can present to any people in this world is a “brave leader who is preoccupied with reforming everything.”

According to him, the courage of leaders alone does not serve the people but could lead even to perishing, and the desire for reform without courage does not serve either.

He urges the people of Saudi Arabia to move on with the future in confidence and speed racing with history because the country’s leader MBS is sincere in his reforms agenda.

Hamoud Abu Talib, another columnist in the same newspaper says, “The Kingdom, like any other country, does not claim that its human rights have reached perfection and it has an exemplary model, but at the same time, it is also working at an accelerated pace to promote and develop these rights.


Instead of allowing the country to fall into the entrapments of political rebellion—such as the Arab Spring—Saudi Arabia is going for judicial reforms.

Recently the Crown Prince started what is opinion writers describe as a real legislative revolution in Saudi Arabia.

For Hani, it is a revolution toward consolidating the principles of justice, transparency, and protection of human rights while achieving comprehensive development, apart from enhancing the international competitiveness of the Kingdom through clear and specific procedural and objective institutional references.

In his statement, the Crown Prince announced four draft legislation to be implemented this year. They are Civil Status Law, Civil Transactions Law, Penal Law for Discretionary Penalties, and the Law of Evidence.

These laws will represent a new wave of reforms that will impact court rulings and increase the level of integrity and efficiency of judicial institutions. The Prince wants Saudi Arabia to have accountability and to limit widespread discrepancies in court rulings.

Hamoud says, “We are, therefore, in a state that is experiencing a legislative and human rights renaissance just as it is experiencing a materialist modernization, because it is aware of the necessity of comprehensive and harmonious modernization. This is required due to the needs of society as well as to achieve its ambitious

“Vision and make it a state of institutions that are governed by legislation and laws in which there is no room for randomness and individual interpretations of jurisprudence.”

This is the latest in a series of dramatic economic and social reforms in the country.

The aim is to modernise the kingdom. The new laws are to be announced over the course of 2021.

“This is an important step on the path towards global best practices that give businesses the confidence to invest,” an asset manager told CNBC.

The judicial reforms are putting the kingdom on a path to codified law. It is a big step in the deeply conservative country whose legal system is based on Islamic law.

“The Personal Status Law, the Civil Transactions Law, the Penal Code for Discretionary Sanctions, and the Law of Evidence represent a new wave of judicial reforms in the Kingdom,” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Monday.

“The new laws represent a new wave of reforms that will … increase the reliability of procedures and oversight mechanisms as cornerstones in achieving the principles of justice, clarifying the lines of accountability,” the crown prince said in a statement.

A Saudi official says the reforms are designed to meet the needs of the modern world. He also says they will adhere to Shari

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