Rapper, Jihadist, Bomber? The UK tries islamist rapper!

An Islamist rapper bought clothing, shared terror lyrics with his brother who was in Syria supporting the ISIS and is now facing jail time…

An ‘Islamist’ rapper in the UK is accused of plotting a terror attack during the COVID-19 pandemic but he rejected the accusations.

UK papers say two brothers of the rapper travelled to Syria during the ISIS terror reign of 2015 and together they plotted a domestic terror attack.

The prosecution says Sahayb Abu bought the items and clothing after researching foreign embassies and commenting on social media that police was only good for dying.

During his arrest, he says he bought the items and clothing to produce a parody of drill rap artists.

But he and his brother exchanged lyrics of a song that tells of bombing and shots in the chest. All the elements spooked investigators to believe they were planning a terror attack.

A court in London (Old Bailey) heard this week how Sahayb Abu, 27, from Dagenham, east London, purchased a Persian “Qama knife” — which is said to look like a sword — a smaller knife, a combat vest, two balaclavas, fingerless gloves and a combat-style hat on 9 July last year.

His brother Muhamed Abu, 32 allegedly knew he was planning an act of terrorism but failed to report it, Sky News said.

In recordings he shared with his brother, Sahayb rapped: “Got my under armour on, cos I gotta stay strong/I’ll be sending you to iTunes, I’ll send you to the clouds, 10 shots in your chest.”

The older brother also recorded drill tracks shared with Sahayb saying: “Let’s get merky [murderous]/let’s get hurty/ I’ve got bombs that are just worthy.”

It is his online search history that is in play. He searched for Islamic State more than 100 times and searched for embassies including the US, Russian and Israel.

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