The nuclear weapons ban treaty is in force – sign the IALANA appeal

On January 22nd, 2021 the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty (AVV) came into force. The GCU prohibits the contracting states from developing, testing, producing, purchasing, storing, transferring, direct or indirect control, stationing and using and threatening to use nuclear weapons, as well as supporting prohibited activities.

The GCU was negotiated at the United Nations in New York with the significant participation of civil society, passed by 122 states on July 7, 2017 and ratified by 52 states. 86 states have already signed it.

It represents a further development of Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty “ to negotiate with good faith about effective measures to end the nuclear arms race in the near future and to nuclear disarmament, as well as a treaty for general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control. “

In addition to the diverse civil society activities for the entry into force of the AVV, IALANA published the appeal “Join the nuclear weapons ban treaty – stop the nuclear armament of Germany!” Including a list of over 300 first signatories. In the appeal, the undersigned call on Chancellor Merkel, the members of the Federal Government and the members of the German Bundestag:

  • Sign and ratify the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty!
  • Stop the stationing of the new US American B 61-12 atomic bombs on the air base of the Federal Air Force in Büchel and the associated new dangerous nuclear armament on German soil!
  • Refrain from the planned acquisition of 45 US American F 18 fighters as nuclear weapon carriers for the tactical Air Force Wing 33 of the German Armed Forces!

Click here and sign the appeal

“Our aim is to go beyond the existing majority in the polls for the abolition of nuclear weapons to win majorities among those politically responsible in the German Bundestag and in the current or the next federal government,” says Otto Jackel from IALANA.

The proponents of nuclear weapons do not have valid arguments for the continuation of Germany’s nuclear participation and the blockade of the nuclear weapons prohibition treaty.

Here is a reference to the very informative elaboration of the Scientific Service of the German Bundestag dated January 19, 2021, prepared on behalf of the Bundestag member of the Die Linke Sevim Dagdelen group. Also attached is the current statement of the Willy-Brandt-Kreis of the SPD on the same topic.

‘We are also sending you a declaration on the entry into force of the AVV by Amela Skiljan and Bernd Hahnfeld. The declaration picks up on misleading terms of the contract in public and clarifies them. The declaration deals with the relationship of the GCU to customary international law and NATO and points out that the GCU is not a symbolic treaty.’

“We would be delighted if you signed the appeal and ask you to help gather other supporters of the appeal. We need political breakthrough now!’


IALANA appeal:

IALANA press release:

Declaration on the entry into force of the nuclear weapons ban contract on January 22, 2021:ärung-zum-Inkrafttreten-des-Atomwaffenverbotsvertrages_lv.pdf

Expert opinion “On the legal relationship between the nuclear weapons ban treaty and the non-proliferation treaty” by the Scientific Service of the German Bundestag:

Statement from the Willy-Brandt-Kreis:

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons – a short commentary – article by article:

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