Netizens Lecture Cardinal Piat on Democracy, Patience

When a cardinal tries to give political advice, Netizens are here to correct his mistakes. This is what happened to dear Cardinal Piat who thought he was being kind to Netizens in Mauritius in telling them to follow the course of ‘democracy’ in their desire to topple the regime in power.

Disagreeing with the slogan ‘Bour Li Dehors’ or “Kick him out” (a polite version of the Kreole words), Piat says, “In a democratic country, the government changes, but not from the demands from the streets. One must wait for elections and must respect the results.”

His statement got Netizens in the tiny Island Republic out in arms to teach the Cardinal one or two things about life under the regime of the MSM-allies and about democracy.

Some responses are hilarious, others are seriously pointing to the Cardinal his mistake while others directly accuse him of being comfortable under what they call an ‘oppressive regime’.

To begin with, ‘Bour Li Dehors’ is a rough and vile jargon in the Kreole language used in Mauritius. All languages have their ugly side. In Mauritius, it means the people are impatiently waiting to get rid of the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth.

Anyone taking the side of the PM is an opponent to the desires of the people who demonstrate in the streets to show their anger and disgust at the regime.

For many, Facebook is the place to vent this anger after rallying in the streets and after bearing with the arrogant responses of the rulers of today.

Here are some samples of what Netizens think of the Cardinal’s statement:

Catpen Jeanroland – Homme deglise veille to loto tovah nou veille nou librrte (Man of the Church, look after your tovah, we look after our liberty-freedom)  

Sabrina Schaffter – Surement li gagne menace , ça pa étonne moi , comment le cardinal change de discussion , avec ça saleté batard 🤥🤥ça pas étonnant (The authorities must have threatened him. I am not surprised. How the Cardinal changes the debate. (the rest too vulgar to translate)  

Marday Chellemboyee – What a danger this man ,un vrais couto mousana, de quoi il se mêle l’église et politique ne fait pas bon ménage monsieur faite vos boulots ce tous (Why put the Church in politics, this does not augur well, mister you do your work that’s all.)  

There are many impolite responses by some users but others defended the Cardinal for his statement (very few of them).   Read more on the comments here: FACEBOOK  

It is clear the Cardinal meant well. But for Netizens to harp at him on the political state of the country is evidence of growing anger and distress in the population.  

Thousands of Mauritians marched in the capital of Port Louis on Saturday (Feb 13), calling for a general election and protesting against corruption and urging the Prime Minister to quit.  

They marched in the streets of Port Louis and assembled near the Municipality of the Port Louis to listen to the political discourses from various opposition leaders.  

The rally did not gather the same crowds as the movement against the government, Marche citoyenne but it is a statement by the people against the government.  

Nevertheless, it appears that some people in high places are not happy with the slogans and are trying to arm-twist some to negate the choices of words.

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