Racism is rising in British football

There is a sharp rise in racism in British football and the FA is doing little to stop it.

A study found that Muslim grassroots players believe they are being failed by the Football Association for not looking into the root causes of racism in sports.

A new study from Birmingham City University and Nottingham Trent University says underrepresentation of Muslim players at the elite level is one cause for the issues they have experienced in the amateur ranks.

Females spoke of being overlooked for selection because they were wearing a headscarf.

Online hate posts from far-right groups were flagged as a reason to dissuade Muslims from playing.

There is also the framing of Islam in mainstream media that is having an impact on players.

Racism is also rising because of a lack of understanding and the political campaign by far-right parties.

One of the conclusions reached by the study is the need for the game’s governing bodies to do more in terms of inclusion.

Some are accusing them of not taking Islamophobia seriously.

“The FA does not pay any attention to the abuse we suffer as Muslim players,” one participant said. 

Another added: “We can’t get well-known sponsors, as I have been searched and stopped at the airport and I know the bias is against me because of the way I look.”

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