Muslim Tinder sued by Match Group for patent-infringement

The Uk-based Muslim dating site muzmatch is facing a lawsuit from Match Group, the owner of dating app Tinder.

The group says Tinder’s “world-changing, draggable-card-based, mutual opt-in app interface” was copied to create a similar dating and social app for Muslims.

Tinder’s owner submitted a patent-infringement lawsuit against muzmatch also accusing it of naming itself in a way that would lead consumers to subconsciously associate it with the Dallas-based dating giant.

The two brands share a similar colour scheme which is being called into question as well.

muzmatch is an app downloadable in both App Store and Google Play.

Recently,  the app removed its colour-focused groups, such as Black/African and White/Caucasian and broadened its culture filters by adding choices such as European or West African.

The developers of the app also introduced a video feature allowing for virtual dates in the hope that love can still blossom while people are separated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Muzmatch’s own in-house surveys, 83% of its users had trouble finding a spouse because of lockdowns in their various countries. The video function will allow virtual meetups during social isolation.

muzmatch claims it is the world’s biggest community for single Muslims to find their perfect partner. 

“It is always free to swipe, match, chat and marry on muzmatch,” its website says.

muzmatch is currently working on an official statement to counter the claims by Match Group.

Bloomberg Law says Match Group in court documents say muzmatch sought to mimic the Tinder app’s functionality, trade-off of Match’s name, brand, and general look and feel, meet user expectations that Match created, and build a business entirely on a Tinder clone distinguished only muzmatch’s Muslim-cultural-specific marketing.

muzmatch has seen an impressive rise in popularity lately, surpassing four million users before Valentine’s day.

The company raised $7 million from a Series A funding round in 2019.

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