The Muslim World Race to the Moon Has Started With Turkey Joining the Fray!

Turkey will fly its space ship to the moon as President Recep Erdoğan says the target is set for the country’s centennial year, 2023.

The Turkish race to the moon was announced on the same day the United Arab Emirates made a big fuss of its probe entering Mars atmosphere safely.

It was spectacular to see the spacecraft from the Emirates enter into orbit around the Red Planet Mars.

The UAE says the mission is scientific in nature, of course, but it comes with a political message of encouragement to the youth of the region.

The aim is to galvanise the youth of the Middle East telling them ‘we can do’.

And now Turkey is telling its people ‘we can do too’ while Pres Erdoğan also mentioned there might even be ladies who want to go!

To make things happen, the Turkish President spoke to Tesla Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp. founder Elon Musk.

Musk held a phone call with Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday and the discussion centred on cooperation in space technology, according to a statement by the Turkish presidency.

Turkey’s Turksat 5A satellite was launched on January 8 with a SpaceX rocket. 

Musk visited Turkey in November 2017 to discuss satellite plans with Erdogan in person and how SpaceX can help Turkey in space tech.

Critics of Erdoğan are saying it would be an amazing achievement if Turkey could celebrate its centenary with the space vehicle orbiting the earth with the Turkish President flying it from above!

They are also targeting the fact Turkey’s Space Agency has sidelined only $5.4 million for the project to send a craft to the moon.

They compare this with the $200 million the Emiratis have invested. 

However, we believe it is too early to harp on the low investment because Mr Elon Musk would not go in business with a country that has no clue on the amount of cash needed to send a rocket to the moon!

Nevertheless, technologically, there is no doubt that Turkey can enter the booming space business.

Turkey has developed the Bayraktar TB2 drones. Some say it has changed the fate of the armies in Libya and Nagorno-Kabarakh.

The country has also launched a new unmanned gunboat, ULAQ.

Sources say it can be a gamechanger in the Eastern Mediterranean and it could give the Greek navy a lot of trouble.

The Bayraktar TB2 is a medium altitude long endurance unmanned combat aerial vehicle.

It is capable of being remotely controlled or carry out autonomous flight operations. Forbes says the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 drones devastated Armenian forces.

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