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Genocide of Uighurs Does Not End Muslim Support for China​

In January, the United States government has declared the Chinese government is committing genocide against the Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic minority, in China.

The Biden administration believes the mass internment, forced labour and sterilization of Uighur women constitutes a genocide.

This week, Canada’s Parliament voted on a bill saying China is committing genocide against Muslims in the country, particularly against the Uighurs.

The U.S. and Canada are now the only two countries to use these terms to describe China’s human rights abuses against the Uighurs.

The Muslim world did not say a word on the US and Canadian decision to punish China for its attacks on Muslims.

Instead, many Muslim countries are looking forward to ‘aid’ and business from the Chinese government. Money comes first, after all.

Nick Cohen, writing for the Guardian UK last year says Nations that claim to be defenders of the faith offered no protest to the concentration camps.


Pakistan, where the people believe they are the defenders of Islam around the world is super silent.

Saudi Arabia is giving support to Chinese endeavours in the Middle East and has Riyadh on its side in some international matters.
Iran, the biggest defenders of Islam globally with an army ready to die for Islam at all cost, is extraordinarily silent!

The list goes on and we can add Malaysia, the country that is depending and negotiating with China for mega-project financing is SILENT.

The Malaysian nation is run by an all-Malay-Muslim government. It dare not tell China anything but it sends a note to Myanmar to protest against the coup by the army.

But let us see what Rushan Abbas, an activist and leader of the Campaign for Uyghurs, says. On the US declaration that China is committing genocide, he says it is a long-time coming.

“What is happening in China is an active genocide, and we have been crying out loud for years. I have been being very vocal and calling this genocide for the past two years,” she says.

“So this is rightfully being labelled as, you know, for what it is.”

There are an estimated 11 million Uighurs living in China’s Xinjiang province. Over the past three years, at least 1 million of them have been detained in forced labour camps.

China has said its ‘success’ in committing genocide in Xinjiang is an example of a great democracy at work.


But it is not surprising that Muslims are silent after China’s declaration that it is successful in curbing the Muslims in Xinjiang.
It means fewer refugees from China’s Muslim regions will flock to the Muslim countries. What a burden for the host nations if more Uighurs were to flee their country!

According to former detainees, Uighurs inside these camps are subject to “mental and physical torture” and constant indoctrination in Chinese Communist Party ideologies, Abbas says.

Crematoriums are being built next to the camps that is just for the people in the camps. They die, they are burnt.

Uighur women are also subject to forced sterilization and abortions, Abbas says.

Many are mandated to marry men who identify as Han Chinese, the country’s largest ethnic group. If a Uighur woman refuses to marry, she is labelled as a terrorist.

For Abbas, it is a personal story since her sister Dr Gulshan Abbas has been missing since 2018.


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