Facebook Profits in Rollout of ‘Genocide’ Campaign

Facebook Profits in rollout of ‘Genocide’ campaign Facebook is ‘taking cash from China to promote propaganda denying ‘genocide’ of Uighur Muslims’ while banning news.

This is the gist of a story in The Sun, UK, by Joe Duggan published Feb 18.

The point is Facebook imposes a lot of conditions before you can post advertising on its platform.

For example, during the US Presidential elections, many companies and Facebook pages or media organisations had their ads rejected.

But now, Facebook is accused of taking cash from China to promote propaganda denying the “genocide” of Uighurs.

And it is silent on the matter because the cash is much needed in this ‘starvation’ pandemic period?

The social media giant allows Communist state-run media like China Daily and CGTN to publish freely.

These posts accuse Western countries of “lies” and “disinformation” over the persecution of the Uighurs.

Just maybe because the Uighurs are Muslims, Facebook does not care about their lives?


China Daily is posting adverts on the social media platform downplaying the persecution of the Uighurs, says The Sun.

With a few hundred dollars a time it is promoting posts to millions of users, says Press Gazette.

Post Gazette also claims Mark Zuckerberg’s firm raked in advertising cash to promote the content.

Facebook was branded “disgusting” for “taking money to promote Chinese state propaganda”.

An estimated one million Uighurs, in particular, have been rounded up and detained in Chinese prison camps since 2015.

Washington and others have accused China of carrying out genocide against the minority Muslim ethnic group.

A group of leading British lawyers say there was a “very credible case” China’s actions amounted to genocide.

Canada and the US declared China’s actions ‘genocide’.

The UK lawyers claim China President Xi Jinping is personally responsible for crimes against humanity.

While Facebook ditched news distribution in Australia, it also held on to money from local media.

Facebook has blocked news links in Australia in response to a proposed law compelling tech giants to pay for journalism.

China’s CGTN, China Daily, China Xinhua News, the People’s Daily and CCTV are all using Facebook.

Despite a ban on Facebook in China, they can still use it to propagate their lies, say news reports.

A China Daily advert promotes a clip saying: “The tale of an oppressed Xinjiang is a myth Western media refuse to give up.”

China Daily paid less than $400 to target more than one million users with a video.

In the video, it attacks Western press reports about the Uighurs’ treatment in Xinjiang.

In normal terms, you will never get one million views on your Facebook video at $400. But China Daily got it.

Is Facebook selling that dirt cheap to the Chinese Communist Party?

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