The Muslim World in 2121 as predicted in 2021

Lothrop Stoddard (1883-1950) predicted the future of the Islamic world in his book The New World of Islam.

Known as a prominent racist he had a major influence on international relations and acted as a theoretician for the Ku Klux Klan.

Some say his theories helped the Nazi Party in Germany formulate the subhuman concept.

In this article by Daniel Pipes from The Gatestone Institute, he predicted the future of Islam in 1921.

And the author believes some of his predictions came true.

The New World of Islam is a 1921 survey of 250 million Muslims “from Morocco to China and from Turkestan to the Congo.” 

He noted the trends underway in Islam at that time, Stoddard impressively recognized trends underway in Islam. 

The book had an impact on notable figures including Lebanese Islamist Chekib Arslan, the Indian scholar S. Khuda Bukhsh, and Indonesia’s President Soekarno

In general, he predicted the Islamic world will be independent. At the time of his writing, 95% of the Muslim world was under European rule.

The Turkish Empire had collapsed a long time ago and the Muslim world was in turmoil. Talks of independence of the various countries were in the air.


In 1921, oil was not yet discovered in the Middle East. But the end of World War I started the erosion of Europe’s prestige. A decline in its influence had started, noted Pipes.

This helped the independence movements in many countries but we can say World War 2 contributed largely to the independence of the Muslim world.

Stoddard wrote that the rise of Islam is perhaps “the most amazing event in human history.” However, he prefered the Arabs to the Turks.

However, Stoddard did not predict the current Turkish-Arab head-on collision on the international and regional spheres.

He could not have seen the huge division between the Iranians and the Sunni Arabs. Nor the rise of ISIS or Al-Qaeda though he did predict the rise of pan-Islamic ambitions.


Stoddard did see the Muslim world free of colonial shackles with a rise of Islamic influence in the Muslim world but he also predicted victory for the ‘liberals’.

He thought pan-Islamic nationalism may “become a major factor which will have to be seriously reckoned with” because of its deeply anti-Western outlook.

But what will Islam be made of in 2121? First, many will ask whether the world will survive by that date. 

There are no reasons to believe otherwise with all the concerns for global warming or climate change gaining interest globally.

These are the immediate threats that could cause the demise of mankind on planet earth. 

There is also the remote possibility of a nuclear war destroying the country, given the number of bombs we are keeping.

Nevertheless, for Islam, the threats are not only climate change, the end of the oil and gas golden age or the rise of liberalism.


It is the ‘religious’ predictions that are of concern to most Muslims globally.

The internet, WhatsApp and other platforms are filled with memes and messages depicting the end of time or the end of the world.

Fear is being instilled in many Muslims that they are diverting from the truth of Islam and are falling into the abyss. These are promoted by people who in a high position or by the followers of religious figures who want to keep a tight grip on the community.

The grip is slipping through TikTok and other more liberal platforms where Muslims are prominent.

Then there are the predictions that a one-eyed individual known as the Dajjal will conquer the world. He will rule as a conqueror and perhaps Emperor. Many of his followers will be Muslims and women.

These are predictions from the Hadiths of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad Swallahu Alayhis Salaam. This is how a Muslim should address the last messenger of Allah.

In short, Islam will face internal and external challenges that will cause a split among Muslims. Some will follow the one-eyed Dajjal whose mark is 666. The rest will follow the leader of the Muslims, a Messiah who will precede the arrival of Jesus or Isa Alayhis Salaam.

Yes, The same Jesus whom we know as the God of the Christians. He will come as a Muslim ruler, leader and will lead them in a battle against the Dajjal.

Some say the world is on the brink of collapse with the extended corruption in all countries of the world and growing abuses against people.

Humanity will need deliverance and Jesus-Isa will come to deliver mankind from these woes and install Islam as the sole faith on earth.


Remember, these are all the predictions from the Hadith or Traditions of the Prophet of Islam.

But will it happen in 2121? Will that year precede another virus? There is a prediction in Islam that during the war against the Dajjal, the beasts known as the Gog and Magog will rampage through the earth.

Destroying everything on their path, they will serve humans for their meals. Even Jesus will not be able to fight them and he gets his troops to climb the heights to avoid them. That is because they are too heavy to climb steep hills.

These beasts will die because of a virus that will spread across the globe. Don’t this reminds you of the movie or series The War of The World?

Could this virus spread in 2120 just like a virus was spreading in 1820 and 1920 and the one that is stalking us since 2020?

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