A Muslim saving the West from Islam?

Tarek Fatah, the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, is trying to save the Western world from Islamism.

He is telling Western governments the entire Muslim world is praying for the collapse of the West.

The core of the Islamic prayers (Salaat) contains supplications calling for the destruction of the West. That is what he says.

To hide the fact that he is speaking about Islam, he says his concerns are about ‘Islamism’.

We all know that’s the cheeky way to add Islam to a list of terrorist organisations.

He is Tarek Fatah and he believes Islamism is a political ideology.

With this ideology Muslims or some of them, are trying “install, or implement, God’s law on earth.” 

On the other hand, they (Islamists) also hold that “the West has to be crushed” for that to happen. Indeed, you got to call followers of Islamism, Islamists, right?

Islamism is a threat to the West because the arrival of migrants is sparking the growth of Islam, he says.

The refusal of the migrants to assimilate to the host culture, make them the primary threat.

Back to the Muslim prayers. Mr Tarek says it is a supremacist prayer.

“The daily prayers recited by all pious Muslims five times a day” is a threat.

It includes a Quranic verse asking Allah “to put us on the right path.”

It also urges Allah not to put Muslims on the path of “those who have incurred your wrath.” 

For some reason, he says Muslim scholars interpret this widely to mean Jews. But we know our Prophet, Muhammad Sallahu Alayhis Salam never said that.


He adds the prayer says keep us away from “those who have gone astray” (Christians). I don’t think I am praying not to become like Christians. I think I am praying not to become like some ‘Tarek’.

However, he complains he, a liberal Muslim, is disempowered by the silence of the Ulama on this.

He also condemns the Muslim world for silence on the release of the killer of Daniel Pearl.

Pearl was a Wall Street Journal journalist beheaded by extremists in Pakistan.

He says Islamists have “their grip on every politician” in the United States and Moderate Muslims have a responsibility to fight Islamism.

To him and the group of people supporting him, Islamism is Political Islam. This is the same topic of discussion in France. But they prefer to call it Islamism to confuse the people, I guess.

This way, you can associate Islam closer to terrorism. We all know there is no ‘ism’ in Islam. But for Tarek, he gets recognition for spelling Islam with ‘ism’. We know these are all lies.

We live in a competitive world and both the West and Islam are at loggerheads. They have been that way for generations. It will not end with Tarek crying foul.

He is no friend of the refugees, whom he treats as enemies of the West. Poor fellas just want to earn some bucks away from their bullying masters in the Mid-East.

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