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Sale of Vaccines To Earn Moderna $18b!

Moderna Inc expects $18.4 billion in sales from its coronavirus vaccine this year and conspiracy theorists are saying they were right. They did say Big Pharma will control the market and make billions.

The boost in sales has prompted partner AstraZeneca Plc to cash in with the COVID-19 vaccine. The latter sold its stake in Moderna Inc for more than $1 billion.

The company sold its 7.7% stake in Moderna after the US biotechnology company’s shares soared on the back of its coronavirus vaccine breakthrough.

The Times report says it was not clear over what period British-based AstraZeneca sold its holding in Moderna.

Moderna’s vaccine is cleared for emergency use against COVID-19 in the United States. This has helped boost its sales potential.

Shares of Moderna Inc. MRNA, +1.67% advanced 1.67% to $157.40 Monday.

Moderna Inc. closed $31.86 below its 52-week high ($189.26), which the company reached on February 8th.


These events are slowly giving conspiracy theorists a lot to talk about on social media.

During the initial outbreak of the virus last year, WhatsApp and Facebook were flooded with messages saying Big Pharma will benefit.

The theory was the Big Pharma companies are behind the virus outbreak. The aim was to make money with a virus. 

The turn of events gives the theorists reason to gloat they were right.

The more so, the virus is an ’emergency’ virus and this does not escape the attention of many.

People are saying the virus is new, not tested properly and is poison. 

They are not pointing to the huge amount of cash the big pharma companies are making from the vaccines to drive their point.

The more so, AstraZeneca is retaining partnership with Moderna on other disease treatments.

It could also sell its AstraZeneca/Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine on a commercial basis in the future.

The company strategy is to wait and see if the virus becomes endemic.


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