Gerak Independent Wants MACC to investigate Frogs

Gerak Independent wants the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate the defection of two MPs to Perikatan Nasional.

Expressing deep concern on the defection of two Keadilaan members, it also wants a ban on party hopping.

“Gerak Independent urges the MACC to investigate the
nature of the recent two defections.

“This will help rebuild public confidence in the election process and parliament’s elected representatives,” says the group.

“Gerak Independent condemns the culture of party hopping and urges Parliament to enact long-overdue anti-hopping laws or at the very least Recall Election,” says a media release.

Two MPs from the Parti Keadilan Rakyat jumped to Perikatan Nasional last week.

These defections now account for 25% of MPs from Keadilaan elected officials leaving the party.

“A total of 12 out of the original 48 elected parliamentary
representatives from the party have since defected to Perikatan Nasional,” it says.

Hence, Gerak Independent urges Keadilaan and all political parties to be more stringent in their selection of candidates.

As such, the group says political parties should follow GIs reviews of candidates.

“In the GI model, the rakyat selects candidates for parliamentary seats based on their progressive values, commitment to civil liberties, competency and integrity
instead of criteria centred on loyalty to party leadership and seniority within the party,” GI says.


Whilst Article 10 of the Federal Constitution does allow for freedom of association, GI rejects the justifications provided by both defecting MP.

Its position is MPs are still able to serve their constituents even if funds are withheld by the government.

“This also means the government must adopt a strong moral position in ensuring all MPs are provided with sufficient allocations to ensure that no Malaysian are left behind in the future economic development of the nation.”

Gerak Independent reminds all Members of Parliament they were elected into office based on declared manifestos and promises made on the run-up to General

The public has expectations that promises made will be honoured.


GI also advises the Government to adopt a moral high ground on the issue of defections. It says the government has to ensure that national resources are never utilized as an incentive to support the government.

“The law must therefore be applied equally and fairly. Under no circumstances should any law be used as a bargaining chip for loyalty.”

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