Governments Are Using Terrorism To Target Muslims

Governments are using the cover of terrorism to target Muslims and deny them their rights. 

This is the message from UN expert Ahmed Shaheed @ahmedshaheed who says anti-Muslim hatred is rising to epidemic proportions.

He urges States to act against widespread negative representations of Islam, hostility, violence and #Islamophobia.

He mentions China’s attacks on its Muslim minorities as an example of such attempts.

Listen to the audio interview of Ahmed Shaheed here:

He further raised concerns that in States where Muslims are in the minority, they are frequently targeted based on stereotypical ‘Muslim’ characteristics.


He says the actors against the Muslims uses things such as names, skin colour and clothing, including religious attire, such as headscarves to target the Muslims.

The independent expert says “Islamophobic” discrimination and hostility were often intersectional, such as where “Muslim women may face a ‘triple penalty’ as women, minority ethnic and Muslim.

Listen to the audio!

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