Swiss Bans 30 Muslim Women From Wearing Burqa

Swiss Voters Bans 30 Muslim Women From Wearing Burqa

Swiss voters cast their choice saying they are in favour of a ban on face-covering by Muslim women in public.

They also vote in favour of a trade deal with Indonesia while some argue the deal does not protect tropical forests.

However, a few cantons in Switzerland such as tourist hotspots voted against the burqa ban.

In Switzerland, they call the burqa a ‘specific blue face and body covering’ and it is not typically found in Switzerland.

Essentially, the ban is on the niqab, a piece of cloth that covers the face of women.

Press reports from Switzerland say a survey shows roughly 30 people in the country wear such a covering.

“These people are mainly Swiss nationals who have converted to Islam or tourists,” a religious sociologist says.

The ‘yes’ for the ban on full facial coverings will mean rules against the covering will apply to all public places.

But the ban is not in force for ‘swiss customs’ whatever custom that is.

The Federal Council and the Parliament are not in favour of the ban. The Parliament has tabled an indirect counter-proposal. 

This would require persons to show their faces to the police or other officials if this is necessary for identification purposes.

The referendum on banning face covering and accepting the trade deal with Indonesia was accepted by 51.2% and 51.7% of voters respectively.

Burqa ban in Switzerland – Photo Sputnik News

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