While America is going to sleep, the world is waking up

America enters sleep mode but the rest of most of the world is getting up, ready to face another day in lockdown.

In some countries, it is a partial lockdown, in others, the people are facing fresh lockdowns.

For some, the month of March marks one year since their first lockdowns but its not the end of the road for them. While America is going to sleep, the world is waking up

This huge serpent-like threat that unfolded itself across the globe in 2020 is not going to let go of its grip.

It has enveloped the world, surrounded the nations and forced mankind to barricade in their homes. All this while, the political leaders are playing with the threat to either remain in power or to play superman.


We must admit that whatever CORONAVIRUS is, some politicians played it up to strengthen their grip on power. Politicians in other countries used it to win elections or diminish the chances of their opponents in elections.

We have seen it all. The corrupt won in most cases, the ones voted by the people as winners in some countries are now out of office.

While this political play was happening, the public took the full brunt of the ‘virus’ attack.

Many lost their jobs, got a pay cut up to 50% and did not get bonuses while a pay rise expected for months or years have gone in thin air.

The winners are the banking institutions. They get their payments for their loans or they are going to seize a large number of assets from people who cannot pay their debts.

Non-performing loans have become the number one feature in some countries. The banks are refusing to reschedule loans without extra interest charged.

And they. can do such a criminal act at a time when the working class have lost almost all their savings, are jobless or have a big pay cut.

Yet, the bankers are the winners and. the people are the losers once again.


Yes, America is going to sleep to prepare for their big Monday under lockdown and the rest of us are awake to step into another week of infestations.

However, we are all asleep. We are sleeping with our eyes wide open, unaware that we are losing some of our freedom along the way.

We are losing money, we are not getting back this money. We are losing jobs, it will be hard to find jobs. Some are also losing family members (millions are said to have died) who they will not see again.

These are not the only things we are losing since 2020 started with this virus. We can’t meet friends and families in most cases, some people are cut-off from civilisation.

Others are living in great difficulties, dependent on aid and other help that may or may not come.

The one year since March 2020 has seen many things going wrong. My question is whether we will be able to get back what we have lost?

Will the political class and the ruling classes across the globe let the people recover their losses? I do not see it happening unless we the people take things into our hands, take charge of our future.

What we need is a revolution of the minds. I use to write the following signature for my emails: Creativity starts with a simple spark in the minds!

Yeah, some people would tell me I should write ‘mind’ instead of minds. But I meant to say minds because it involves all of us.


I would write more about this idea of a revolution of the minds to get us out of the ghetto we are falling in.

It will be a long-drawn ghetto as wide as the four corners of the earth seeing billions of us dominated by the 1%.

There is no doubt that there will be resistance but I believe some people – very powerful and very rich people – are using this situation to their advantage.

They are trying to bring new laws, new rules, saying at their events the world will be without owners and the people will be happy.

Heard the phrase: You will own nothing, but you will be happy? This is their new motto!

How do we fight this? We cannot fight this as ‘Americans’ and the rest of the world. We should be able, in 2021, to start fighting against adversity as humans.

Borderless, without any other consideration but the notion of justice and unity in diversity.

We have all the tools. But we are so divided. How did that happen? Did Big Tech create various tools online to divide us?

No. I think we are divided by race, religion, nationhood and greed.

This is just me touching a bit on the problems and the possible solutions we may have to fight back.

In another entry, I will try to get examples in history where mankind joined forces to fight off evil.

Evil today are the filthy rich trying to enslave all of us under the cover of a pandemic.

But the real pandemic will come and we will face it after ‘COVID-19’ is gone!

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