Why Is Bill Gates Afraid of Bitcoin?

That’s the story the way we see it from here. Why do you want to worry about some ‘miners’ using too much electricity to dig for the prized coins?

If you had a better outlook of the world, Sir Bill Gates, you would build battery-operated electricity units to help the people dig for more Bitcoins. Would you?

That would give your entire world and the Windows experience a meaning because it will be your legacy to the people of the world! 🙂

Thank you very much but NO. You would not do that. Because you are worried about the repercussions of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

But who says battery-operated units are not a danger to the environment? Just because the electric car is silent when it drives does not mean it is not emitting anything?

That is our question to scientists! We are not experts in anything but we write stories for free for people to read and learn.

Why Is Bill Gates Afraid of Bitcoin?

Bill Gates has a bone to pick with Bitcoin (BTC) – and any cryptocurrency, for that matter saying the obvious. He says what everyone knows by now: The energy required to process it is too heavy on the world’s resources.

“Bitcoin uses more electricity per transaction than any other method known to mankind,” Gates said in an interview on audio-based social network platform Clubhouse with New York Times.

“It’s not a great climate thing.”

As if he is an expert in the climate thing when he invented the Windows software that took so much energy and electric since the 1980s to make him into a billionaire!

This is how dumb some people can be! When the same technological revolution is now being used by everyone to make some bucks, he gets pissed off? And he offers no solution to the problem.

Bill, Bill…it is time to learn to be grateful to the governments and the people who bought your virus-laden Windows. They mad you rich. Your products used so much electricity and were so expensive.

But if people did not pirate Windows, they would not know how to use a computer. LOL. So be grateful Sir Bill. And let Bitcoin be if you cannot offer a solution other than your rants.

On the other hand, don’t get us started on your so-called concerns for climate change.

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