Roctool technology helps Rosti to cut CO2 emissions by 40%

.Singapore – March 19, 2021: Rosti Group, the European technology-led plastic moulding company and contract manufacturer is deploying the Roctool systems in its facilities. 

Rosti sits at the centre of the supply chain. And its duty is to make a positive environmental impact on the plastics industry, the company says.

After more than 1 year of investigating the technology, Rosti installed its first Roctool technology system in the China facility.

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The facility also has one of the 3 Innovation Labs worldwide. The adoption will allow up to 40% CO2 reduction due to the patented heating and cooling processes.

Roctool’s patented technology consists of quickly heating the tool surface by induction. The process also involves rapid cooling of the tool with water cooling channels.

With this new technology, Rosti can offer key advantages to its customers such as aesthetic, design and process improvements. It can also meet commitments to reduce the carbon emissions at the plant.

Rosti is a global technology-led plastic injection moulding company and contract manufacturer. It serves some of the worlds leading manufacturers in the packaging, consumer appliances, business machines and medical sectors.

Founded in 1944 with Malmö HQ, Sweden, the Group has 3,200 existing employees across 9 facilities in Europe and Asia.

“The rapid induction heating from Roctool, adapted to injection moulding, will increase our capabilities to deliver a breakthrough in sustainability solutions,” says Pat Williams, Senior Vice President Asia.

“Rosti is already working on new customer applications. The full exploration of the Roctool process is part of our 6R Sustainability Commitment.”

One of the key advantages of the Roctool system is the proven ability to mould plastic parts with no surface defects and as a result, avoid secondary operations which are CO2 consuming.


For decades, Rosti has provided industry-leading injection moulding services and continues to develop and invest in cutting-edge technologies. Rosti capabilities include in-mould labelling and decoration, multi-k injection moulding, liquid silicone rubber, injection blow moulding, clean room production and more.

A comparison between a painted part moulded conventionally and a Roctool part shows the CO2 savings attained is at more than 40%.

This CO2 reduction becomes even more dramatic when combining Roctool technology for top surface quality and recycled resins. In this case, the CO² reduction can reach more than 80%.

The technology is available for many plastic applications including beauty packaging, consumer products, appliances, automotive, industrial.

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