This is how Mauritius and vaccine makers are irresponsible

Mauritius is imposing a Consent Form the population has to sign before getting COVID-19 vaccines. This is causing more resistance to the vaccination programme.

The Ministry of Health of the country recommends the consent form and critics are saying the state is getting away with murder.

Dr Zouberr Joomaye says the form falls under the “State contractual liability with the supplier.”

Joomaye is a politician and listed as ‘Senior Adviser To Prime Minister Chairman of the
National Covid-19 Vaccination Committee’ on his Facebook page.

Joomaye says it is a “usual practice” which he and medical staffs does before undergoing surgery on a patient.

In desperation, Joomaye goes as far as demonstrating anaesthesia patients also signs the form.

However, we note here there are many cases of vaccination where patients or recipients do not have to sign forms.

Children get jabs at school for various illnesses with consent forms

The question is whether the doctor is treating the COVID-19 pandemic as a form of anaesthesia?

“They do this for anaesthesia. In fact, the Consent Form for this kind of treatment states that the patient consents to the risks associated with anaesthesia, including paralysis, cardiac arrest, and even death.”

He throws the problem aside saying it is a contractual liability between the state and the vaccine supplier.

However, Joomaye says a person can go to court after signing the form.


“Nothing stops a person to start proceedings against the state. This is how the courts will decide if the disclaimer is valid or not,” he argues.

Joomaye’s arguments do not justify the state attempt to shudder its responsibility to protect the people from the virus.

Resistance is growing in Mauritius against the vaccination programme which is yet to start.

Netizens are filling social media networks in Mauritius with negative comments.

The form is the subject of debates for days now and Joomaye’s comments made things worst.

However, there are indications the government and the Health Ministry will not budge on this issue.

“They never listen to the people,” a netizen says.

Nor will the people who are showing stronger signs of resistance against the vaccination programme.

In chats with Mauritian citizens, they tell WorldFuture they are signing the form and will not get the vaccination.

They do not want to take responsibility for the vaccine. Some say it did not have sufficient lab test. They also do not like the fact the government is imposing the vaccine on them.

Nevertheless, reports state the local Attorney General Maneesh Gobin is preparing a rebuttal on the form and its content.

Signing the form before getting vaccination forces the recipients to drop prosecution before vaccination.

On social media and in online debates, the emphasis is on clauses 3 (a), 5 and 6 of the document.

The form exempts the State from any legal liability in the event of complications or death of the person vaccinated by officials.

Political leaders and activists believe the authorities should remove the clauses. Others are questioning the need for people to sign a form.

They argue most countries in the world are not imposing any such thing on their citizens.

PICTURE: Screen Shot of Dr Joomaye during the ‘Au Cœur de l’Info’ programme on Wednesday 17.03.2021

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