Malaysia offers huge compensation for vaccine mishap

In Mauritius, the government has thrown away its responsibilities for any side effects or death caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, in Malaysia, the embattled government in power is offering thousands of dollars for side effects sufferers.

Today, the government has announced a Covid-19 vaccine injury fund.

RM10 million allocated for the moment to compensate individuals who might suffer side effects.

Health minister Dr Adham Baba says vaccine recipients who suffer serious side effects requiring lengthy treatment in hospital may receive RM50,000.

Meanwhile, those who suffer permanent impairments or death will get RM500,000.

“This is a practical step taken by the government to face the possibility of adverse effects brought about by the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mauritius is requesting its citizens to sign a consent form. Critics are saying the authorities are signing-off on their responsibilities towards the nation.

However, the population is divided on the matter of the consent letter. Nevertheless, desperate, some citizens are signing it to get the vaccination.

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Nevertheless, reports state the local Attorney General Maneesh Gobin is preparing a rebuttal on the form and its content.

Signing the form before getting vaccination forces the recipients to drop prosecution before vaccination.

On the other hand, on social media and in online debates, the emphasis is on clauses 3 (a), 5 and 6 of the document.

The form exempts the State from any legal liability in the event of complications or death of the person vaccinated by officials.

Activists believe the authorities should remove the clauses. Others are questioning the need for people to sign a form.

Meanwhile, they argue most countries in the world are not imposing any such thing on their citizens.

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