WF Moving To A Less Costly Hosting Service

This is not great news. But it is inevitable. After the sideling of WFTV.LIVE to a free hosting service, we are now moving to a similar host.

The aim is to reduce expenses and cut all costs to the minimum.

This decision is made to prevent a complete shut down of our sites in this prolonged pandemic.

We are not the only ones hit bu the economic downturn. Our support system has also gone into the red.

But we will continue with our work, focussing more on the platforms that are more profitable to us.

For that matter, find us on the following platforms: and on We are also on

Search for Worldfuture on these platforms.

In the mean time, continue to enjoy the free reading on Worldfuture and on WFTV.

The prolonged pandemic is not good for business and for news portals altogether and we have to take drastic measures to save the brand.

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