Malaysia retains membership in the FTSE World Government Bond Index

Financial Markets Association of Malaysia sees the FTSE Russell’s conclusion of the Fixed Income Country Classification review as a positive move.

Malaysia is now removed from the market accessibility Watch List. This also confirms the country’s retention in the FTSE World Government Bond Index.

It congratulates the Malaysian financial and capital markets for that matter. The association says Bank Negara Malaysia was instrumental in this successful outcome.

The removal of Malaysia from the market accessibility Watch List recognises various tangible initiatives implemented over the past two years. Bank Negara Malaysia played a leading role.

“FMAM is proud to be a partner and collaborator in these initiatives, supported by strong commitments from financial institutions.”

The comprehensive multi-pronged initiatives include 5 global investors’ engagement sessions by BNM and the Ministry of Finance. The sessions were through a roadshow to Tokyo in August 2019 and 4 global webinars.

These contributed to a more resilient, vibrant and efficient Malaysian government bond market, says the association.

“FMAM will continue to coordinate across the different financial institutions for the common goal of developing Malaysia as a preferred investment destination. We would like to thank the FMC and BNM for the opportunity to collaborate in this area.

“The inclusion of China and reviews for inclusions of other markets are reminders there’s no room for complacency. We need to continue to be incremental and progressive.

“FMAM will be diligent in efforts to grow the Malaysian financial markets. While we compete intensely with each other, we unite in our common goal to grow the Malaysian financial markets. This fine balance has yielded positive results so far, and we will intensify our efforts from here”, says Chu Kok Wei, President of FMAM.

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