New Britain to adopt pro-slavery, rights-violation rules?

The new Britain is still struggling after its return to the international scene as a ‘free’ country from the European Union.

But the hopes Britain will defend rights and counter countries like China on the global scene is fast diminishing.

No one wants a new policeman of the world, a role often attributed to the Americans. But if countries like Britain were to downplay rights abuses, it is an indication of the worst to come.

Imagine Britain as a ‘friend’ and partner in crime with China?

This is a possibility after Foreign secretary Dominic Raab

comments the UK will seek trade deals with countries failing to meet international standards on rights issues.

Listen to the audio of Raab talking to the officers in the Foreign Office on why Britain must deal with anti-rights, pro-slavery nations.

Campaigners in the UK are accusing him of throwing human rights activists “to the wolves”.

In a leaked video published by the Independent UK, he is heard suggesting the UK left the EU to deal with violators.

Mr Raab said Britain would miss out on trade with future “growth markets” if it follows the European ‘rights’ standards.


Like the Jan 6 events in the US and the response from the Democrats and Republicans, Raab comments has a global impact.

The message it is sending is the UK will not stand by rights activists but will pursue its economic interest with rights violators.

Rights groups are shocked, I am disappointed.

I expect better from London but it is likely now that Britain did force its exit from the EU to become another bully.

Thus, countries that are hoping the UK will be a great ally to fight back against abuses globally are surely at a loss.

China must be rejoicing that the UK will become a strong trade and business, investment partner.

Perhaps there are no other ways for countries like Britain, which is risking isolation, to survive but to join the slave masters.

China is an abuser of rights but it is achieving its economic success through such abuses. This guarantees the cheapest labour in the world.

In turn, this situation attracts rich companies to invest in China to build factories and use cheap labour for their production lines.

Somewhere along the line, China is benefiting from its crushing abuses against populations across its borders.

Indeed, the thieves will never tell you they have robbed. They may say they took the loot without asking.

This is what the Foreign Office says, insisting Raab’s words were taken out of context.

Who will believe the UK will ‘exert’ influence to secure a change in China’s behaviour?


For China, this is a double victory. After President Joe Biden’s win in the US, the end of the trade war now Britain is on its side.

The Chinese Communist Party is surely a powerful entity that plays its cards well.

Chinese citizens in a labour camp in China – Wikipedia

However, my surprise is dampened by the fact the left won in America with the help of big tech companies (capitalist in nature).

My question is whether we are seeing a fusion of left-capital that may translate into a union between China and global capitalists, or both sides are playing their cards hoping they will dominate in the end?

China is posturing to become the only global superpower. Big tech companies including Bill Gates are proposing a world where ‘we’ the people will not own anything. But we will be happy.

In the background, Gates and friends are buying up space (properties and land banks) on a global scale.

While China is ironing deals with third world countries through its Belt and Road Initiative, securing a wider geographical landscape in the process.


What is the end game here? Two powerful groups, the big tech capitalists and the Chinese competing to control the world?

This is happening and the UK will play the second fiddle in the game plan.

Meanwhile, America is a provider of support for the Chinese. The Biden regime is putting emphasis –to a certain extend– on rights abuse in China.

But it is willing to continue its trade with Beijing, while it works in the background to supposedly get China to stop its abuses.

We all know China will not end the attacks and the imprisonment of Uighur residents in Xinjian.

The prison camps will continue to exist and abuses will not end in China. We know that. Biden’s administration knows that. The UK knows that.

But for the sake of cutting costs and getting production at the cheapest possible, both America and the UK will close an eye on abuses.

The end game is surely about competitiveness and profit margins for American and British firms. Rights abuses? They don’t want to know about that.

Picture Credit: UK Gov’t

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