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Schools take a break for Hari Raya in mid-May, with online lessons for two weeks after that.

PETALING JAYA: Online lessons will be held for all schoolchildren for two weeks after next month’s Hari Raya break, education minister Radzi Jidin said today.

He said the ministry’s decision was taken “to reduce the risk of (Covid-19) infections that might occur outside schools during the festive season” which might increase the number of infections at public schools.

Earlier today, he had said the ministry was committed towards keeping schools in session and that the number of infections reported came to less than 1% in non-boarding schools.

Radzi said the Hari Raya break would take place from May 11 to 15 for schools in Group A, and May 11 to 16 in Group B, with online learning for two weeks after that.

Group A comprises schools in Johor, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu while Group B comprises schools in other states and the federal territories.

Term holidays would run from May 28 to June 12 (Group A) and May 29 to June 13 (Group B).

No penalty if children stay away

He said there would be no punishment for pupils who were absent from school because of their parents’ concerns over the Covid-19 situation.

However, parents would have to inform the schools in advance.

“We have never penalised students who didn’t want to go to school if they felt unsafe to do so. But parents must write a letter to inform and give a proper reason, we (school) must have proper records,” he said.

Radzi said children with symptoms should not be sent to school, nor should children whose parents are in quarantine.

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