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Takiyuddin Hassan said police transfers are the responsibility of the Police Force Commission. Outgoing police chief Abdul Hamid Bador recently spoke of political interference in transfer appointments.

KOTA BHARU: Heads of services in the government are advised to be more careful when speaking about the law and to refrain from making interpretations based on emotions, said law minister Takiyuddin Hassan.

He said no one should arbitrarily interpret the provisions of the constitution because the law is clear.

“I wish to say that as a minister looking after the public service, I want to advise civil servants, government officers especially heads of services in the government to be more careful when talking about matters related to law.

“For example, Article 140 of the constitution clearly states that for the Royal Malaysia Police, there is a commission named the Police Force Commission. ‘This is the commission which will handle matters related to promotions, discipline, welfare and so on of police personnel totalling almost 130,000,” he said.

Takiyuddin said the constitution clearly states that the commission must be chaired by the minister responsible for the police, and in this context it is the home minister.

“So, no one should question this; it is a constitutional provision. If there is any issue or problem in the administration of a department, I believe government servants would not divulge this matter at an inappropriate place.

“They can reveal it in a meeting at the ministerial level commission. It is not appropriate for a government servant to expose it in the mass media,” he said. To do so was tantamount to civil servants turning their back on, or condemning, the government.

“I am not saying government servants cannot give their views or criticise but they should use the proper channel,” he said to reporters after a constituency event here. Takiyuddin is MP for Kota Bharu.

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