VIDEO: Manchester United Fans Break Loose!

Manchester United fans are protesting against Chairman Joel Glazers over plans to join a breakaway super league!

United vs Liverpool was called off on Sunday after a pitch invasion at Old Trafford by home supporters…An extraordinary event!

The reason for the demonstration: The Glazers and the Super European League

For the fans, the Glazers, owners of Manchester United are going too far in their support for a break-away league that will pull the club from the Premiere League.

This will also mean the end of the European competitions as we know it.

For newspapers in the UK, the Super League plan means only one thing: the Glazers and many other club hierarchies are trying to take their ownership to its greatest extreme.

“They are in pursuit of nothing more than greater financial return. It was an attempt to assert ultimate control.”

“Instead, the entire situation is now out of control, and there are – for the first time – genuine questions over whether the ownership is worth it,” wrote the Independent UK.

The pitch invasion before the match at Old Trafford resulted in the cancellation of the Man Utd-Liverpool match. This is the first time it happened and the Glazers now know the situation has gone totally out of control!


What will they do next? News of Man Utd getting involved in the Super League were met with protests a week ago. This led the Glazers to make a public apology.

Manchester United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward has been told at an emergency fans forum that the club’s supporters are “disgusted, embarrassed and angry” by the recent Super League proposal and do not accept a recent apology by co-chairman Joel Glazer.

United were one of 12 ‘founding members’ of a breakaway Super League, only to reverse their decision two days later. On the same day that they pulled out of the tournament it was announced that Woodward would be stepping down from his role, wrote The Athletic.

Fans rejected Glazer’s apology three days ago. Will he attempt to make another apology?

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