Covid-19 patients now younger, sicker, harder to treat: Official

As the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia continues to develop, the Health Ministry says more patients from younger age groups are becoming severely ill. The Ministry says this group of patients were previously less susceptible to the disease.

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba (above) says such patients are also less responsive to treatments compared to earlier in the pandemic.

“Clinical observations also found a change in terms of patient profile where patients below 60 years old used to be less likely to have severe symptoms, but today show symptoms that are more serious and are less responsive to treatments compared to early in the pandemic,” he says.

Covid-19 patients
COVID-19 seems to attack younger people with new variants

The Ministry in Malaysia says there may be several possibilities leading to this new phenomenon, such as patients being late in seeking treatment or the proliferation of new Covid-19 variants around the world.

Experts believe these variants are more aggressive and cause illnesses and complications that are more serious than before.

“However, we are still studying this matter,” the Minister says.

He says the Health Ministry and other agencies are working to ensure the country achieves herd immunity against Covid-19 earlier in response to this problem, Malaysiakini reports.

Malaysia is still battling a surging pandemic with the authorities in limbo on whether to tighten the lockdown or to use the vaccination campaign as cushion to open the country up further!

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