This is how China plays the victim card of the Trump era

What China concocts while Biden falls from aeroplane stairs is crucial for the survival of the USA as a global super-power…

China’s future is linked with the events unfolding in the US. President Joe Biden slipped from Air Force One’s stairwell because of heavy breezes. He also, apparently, called VP Kamala Harris ‘President’ in one instance.

In other instances, he is laying unbelievable plans for the transformation of the US electricity landscape. This will cause the collapse of the fossil fuel business. But, the regime in Washington believes sacrifices have to be made to ‘save’ the world.

Though, we all know, more countries are opening up mining given the rapid growth in demand for coal and other fossilised resources.

All this is alright for the future of the USA. However, these events are also opportunities for the Chinese nation. This is why.

China is luring the Biden administration with op-eds and analysis in its propaganda publications. They are well-oiled machines, distributed in the US and available for public reading.

What is striking is the Chinese government’s approach in targeting the Biden government.

In the Global Times, China blames the current situation in the China-US relations on the US’s China policy.

Beijing sees the continuation of the Trump administration’s policy as a hindrance. And it is such because China is not really getting its way in Washington.

Not after the four damaging years of the Donald Trump presidency solidifying the establishment’s view of China.

The Trump years have had an impact on the American view of China. Once a ‘friendly’ nation under the Barack Obama administration, China is now seen as a thieving nation.

From technology to patents and possibly military secrets, the Chinese were at the height of their heist in the US.

Then came the Trump government and the trade war. But the war on China started well before the official announcement of a trade war with Beijing.

It started with Trump’s occupation of the White House and the historic tearing apart of the maligned Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

A deal in favour of the US in many ways but not to the liking of President Trump. The latter wanted a better deal and the use of the trade agreement to squeeze China out of the US way in several geographical spots.


Nevertheless, China is now using propaganda machines to blame its fate on such policies.

The Global Times on April 4 says, “Chinese companies’ participation in the US has been influenced by the tense bilateral relationship over the past few years. They have encountered many obstacles and problems.”

It appears the Global Times has one aim: Influence the Biden administration to shift its China policy away from ‘fear’ and ‘disengagement’ to a more friendly one.

In the past few years, both United Power and Beijing Goldwind Science & Creation Windpower Equipment Co had projects in the US. But now, these projects are not going to the Chinese firms, reports Breitbart.

The paper says apart from the power industry, in some high-tech sectors, such as the construction of 5G and 6G facilities, Chinese firms would be ruled out from the beginning.

It also says Chinese companies are fairly competitive in these sectors and they could save both money and time more effectively than their US counterparts!


The tricks in this game are Beijing is playing victim, saying the Biden administration is still pursuing a negative policy towards China.

Clearly, Beijing is interested in getting back the same favours it had during the Barack Obama administration.

During the Obama reign, China was seen as a friendly state but then came President Donald Trump.

The latter exposed, rightfully or wrongfully, what he called the ‘theft’ of technology and intellectual property or more, from the U.S.

The ensuing trade war against China and the response by Beijing made it clear to the American public: China is a thieving nation.

But it also exposed how far China went in its industrial spying and infiltration tactics on U.S. soil.

By right, this alone would have given Trump a big win in the 2020 elections. But, unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak broke the Trump administration’s back.

China won the trade war in a twist and Trump’s reign ended in a fishtail end.

However, the stigma caused by the trade war and the massive exposure of China’s trafficking and stealing of intellectual property is still strong among the establishment.

The use of the propaganda machines, the complaints from China and the canvassing by its agents in the swamp are examples of how desperate China is in its attempt to reverse the American policies.

What does that tell you? China is in need of the U.S. to boost its economic prospects in this decade?

Is China trying to find out what the Americans have in store with the massive technological shake-up planned by the Biden administration?

We believe both questions are valid.

But will the Biden government fall for the Chinese plea and return to the Obama-led policies towards Beijing?

We believe it is too early for the new government in the U.S. to open up completely to the Chinese.

The U.S. economy is in need of the Chinese input to jump-start after the stuttering it suffered because of the COVID-19.

The global economy is also in need of the restart of trade and business and industrial transactions between nations.

Yet, will the Biden administration hand over a massive win to China after the two years of tense trade disputes?

This admission of defeat will be at whose expense? The American public, the American industrial complex or the Biden administration? Who will have to pay a bigger price in this ultimate sacrifice?

Article first appeared on Extra News Feed

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