Nothing Can Stop The Crypto Bull Run

Nothing can or will stop the current bitcoin bull market, which will make some people quite wealthy

The crypto market is recovering from a rough period in which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lost a significant amount of value.

While it appears that a long bull cycle is on the way (compared to last year), this might lead to a new spectacular run-up for crypto.

Bitcoin broke beyond the US57,000 barrier yesterday and opened at US57,200 in Asia today.

It’s an indication that Bitcoin is on a constant rise (from US35,000 a few months back) right now and could soon surpass US$60,000 per unit.

According to some analysts, there is no such thing as a strong bull market without intermediate corrections along the way. The same is true for Bitcoin, with three notable exceptions, they say.

The first exception is that the Bitcoin corrections are greater than what you would typically see in stocks. But they say that’s normal for crypto.

As a result, the price increases are much bigger, perhaps by 1,000 percent, 2,000 percent, or even more. And, once again, they claim that this is perfectly normal!

Bitcoin’s ups and downs are more cyclical than those of other asset classes (stock market), which makes them considerably more predictable.

But what I am certain of is that there are important cycles to observe.

One of the most profitable occurs right before Bitcoin’s most dramatic rise.

This might be the point at which Bitcoin and its peers begin a parabolic rise that will be historic!

You might be missing out on a major bull run if you don’t have your money in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies right now.

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