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Georgia Power’s New Mitsubishi’s Gas Turbines In H-Fuel Blend

The project demonstrates retrofitting of Mitsubishi Power’s fleet of advanced-class gas turbines to operate on a hydrogen fuel blend.

5 months ago

Cost Of Filling A Family Car With Fuel In The UK Now At £100

Chancellor Rishi Sunak cut fuel duty by 5p three months ago in an effort to protect drivers from rising costs,…

6 months ago

A Gradual Removal Of Blanket Fuel Subsidies Is Needed Now

The rationale for blanket subsidies thus far has been to support the initial growth of the economy and is often…

6 months ago

US pumps more fossil fuel but prices sore to $110

The Biden administration has stated that it wants increased domestic oil production but the government made it clear that it…

7 months ago

Malaysians will continue to benefit from fuel subsidies

Despite rising global oil prices, the authorities will continue to provide subsidies for RON95 and diesel to benefit the Malaysians

8 months ago

Russian Sanctions: Adding fuel to the raging fire

Russia took steps to limit the influence of the dollar in its economic system and increased gold standards while it…

9 months ago

DENSO and Aisan Reach Agreement on Transfer of Fuel Pump Module Business

The mutually beneficial agreement will allow DENSO to focus on its Two Great Causes: Green and Peace of Mind, under…

11 months ago

Freshworks Unveils Freshstack to Fuel Startup Growth

Modern, scalable CRM solution built to help startups easily delight customers to grow faster

1 year ago

Where will Australia get nuclear fuel for its submarines?

Sources say initially, the Americans may donate the first few batches of nuclear fuel which is not going to be…

1 year ago

Electric Cars To Outsell Fuel Vehicles By 2033?

Another impact in the U.S. is a growing consumer appetite for EVs, from Tesla’s hot-selling Model 3 and new electric…

1 year ago