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We are in 2020, the internet is no more Internet 1.0, it has evolved into something amazing: It is a massive communication tool.

But the political parties in Mauritius are still living in the dinosaur age. Many people (members of parties) complain about it. They say they can’t reach the leadership of their favorite parties.

It is becoming a dialogue of the deaf and the mute when it comes to communcations with politicians.

Tell me whether the MMM or any other parties have a specific Whatsapp number or SMS number where the party can be reached?

Do they have a dedicated email address where you can reach them and ask them questions?


True, the parties are in touch with all the media in the country. They do reach out to journalists and answer questions. The parties hold pressers where media is present.

They take the questions from the media and sometimes they lambast the media for their attitude or stupidity.

But there is a growing distance building between the parties and the people. The media is not necessarily doing the job for the parties. They are just reporting point blank what is being said like parrots.

When they question the politicians in their newspaper editorials and so on, they are merely attacking the politicians.

Of course, the media companies have their reasons. They are spending money not to promote this or that party.

But when they get money from the parties, they do promote them and editorials are sometimes pro-this or that.

The lines are blurred. The media will not do the job like before, everything is upside down with the arrival of the Internet.


A legitimate question many will ask is why are we after the MMM? The answer is clear. We believe in all sincerity the MMM is the last frontier left to save the country.

A majority of the population know they cannot count on the MSM-ML-others. These guys are busy salvaging their positions and petit copains etc.

We also know the Labour Party is a useless party today. With Navin Ramgoolam doing as if the party belongs to him, its a waste of time.

There is nothing that will come out from the Labour party that will do any good for the nation. This party do not need a new building or a new leader, it needs a complete change.

Do you think it will change? No, we do not think so. We know many of the Mauritians too, do not think so.

Hence, MMM? Well, the party of Paul Berenger has done more good than wrong for Mauritius.

We must admit that to the least. Look at the members of the MSM. Most of them are from the MMM stable. They were formed by Berenger and if today they are against him, thats their choice.


Nevertheless, we believe the MMM must make an extraordinary effort to go back to its roots.

What are the roots of the MMM? It is not only its policies and the leader’s charisma. The leader is an old man today. He knows it. He is just waiting for his days to dwindle to the end.

Thus, it is for the young men and women in the party to get into their acts and work a plan that will help redress the nation.

The MMM should know that many people are hoping for the party to rise again. But what is the MMM doing to rise again?

There is not much on the cards. The party is a bit lost in transition. The transition between the old ways of communicating and the Internet is a blurred line for them.

They (the youth of the MMM) will need to go and take modern communication lessons. They are lost, they are no where to be found and the Internet is still buzzing but without them!

Its time for the youth wing of the MMM to come out in force and claim its place on the national platform.

That way, the party will start listening to the people’s demands and needs again!

What do you think?


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