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ABIM, the Malaysian Muslim Youth Organisation, criticises the government of India for its silence and for failing to keep peace in New Delhi.

A recent spate of attacks against Muslims in the Hindu dominated city resulted in deaths, carnage and the violation of the sanctity of Masjids.

“We see this tense situation as a failure of the government of India to protect the safety of its own citizens.

The authorities have failed to control the rioting of religious extremists who have targeted homes and places of worship of Muslims, causing 30 deaths and over 200 injured to date in violent incidents,” says ABIM.

The powerful Muslim youth movement in Malaysia says there is evidence of planned suppression on the part of the government itself, as reported in various media.

It urges the government of India to correct this perception by doing its utmost to protect Indian Muslims that are being threatened.

ABIM is flabbergasted about this failure by the Indian government to protect its citizens against hordes of attackers.

“It is impossible that India’s security forces have become so weak as to allow this bloodshed to happen.”

Mohammad Fazril Mohd Salleh,Secretary General, ABIM

ABIM says it also objects to the laws concerning citizenship which is clearly oppressive and unfair to a certain segments of the Indian population.

“BJP politicians such as Kapil Mishra, Anurag Thakur, Abhay Verma and Parvesh Verma have been spreading hate speech which have worsened the situation.

“These conditions are clearly dangerous for India, as expressed by Delhi high court judge S. Muralidhar in the hearings concerning the source of tensions.

“He is now facing transfer by the government, as a result of his strict judicial ruling against ongoing injustices,” says ABIM in a statement.

ABIM also supports the students and youth of India who have consistently pressured India through a series of protests throughout India, even as they are suppressed by the authorities, even to the point of major injuries and deaths.

ABIM calls upon the international community to pressure the government of India to stop the legal polemics that oppress its citizens and to stop allowing the rioting.


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