WFTV.LIVE is a news site based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Independent, outspoken, we like controversies. This news channel covers Malaysia, Mauritius and the Muslim world in general. 

It is an anti-war website. We are dedicated to spread THE TRUTH with insights others might not have. 

Our stories are of social importance and they are stories that affect, you, me and our world.


News and views, analysis and features, this is Worldfuture since its inception in 2004. 

Over the years, we have grown into a solid analysis portal, though nowadays we are more focused on adapting to the demands for videos.


In 2004, the world was in turmoil with wars led by the West in particular against the Muslim world.

There were a few Muslim organisations fighting the U.S. army in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and soon, it became Libya, Syria and so on…

We fought against these wars. Today, we see the world differently. There are many hurdles for humanity with disruptions in everything we do.

We plan to cover these disruptions while we will keep our anti-war philosophy.


We believe the world is changing and humanity is facing untold challenges. There are too many things happening around us that we feel we are losing a grip on events.

This is why we exits. We try to bring you an understanding of the news while others tend to just deliver the news to you, the reader, is left alone to dissect it.


Maria Angel

Maria Angel


Indonesia is a big part of Southeast Asia and we have Maria Angel ready to bounce with a great story from the country with the largest Muslim population.

Kazi Mahmood

Founder & President

During his career span as a journalist, Kazi was previously News Editor at the Malay Reserve, Business Editor at Malay Mail, Editor at OIC Today and BBC Correspondent for Mauritius. His proudest moment is the interview with French President Francois Mitterand in Madagascar. 

Cordoba Ali


The website has a special column for Ali who writes analysis on international affairs and Malaysian affairs.