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The limited production jewellery, regardless of what they are made of they will increase in value over time!

Recently, Balenciaga released a set of extravagant earrings for a whopping price of RM23,000. No, it does not have any fine stones or made of fine materials. Fine as in diamonds or gold. 

Instead, the earrings are made of resin, brass and white rhinestones

It seems that these earrings are made in limited quantities, I guess anyone buying them would be lucky.

Then again, if someone has RM 23,400 lying around to spend on costume jewellery, they are already living a life full of luck. 

However, the design does look one of a kind and the lady or gentleman wearing that piece of accessory will be the main star of any event. 

IMAGE CREDIT: Balenciaga’s website

This is how it looks when worn, and it seems Balenciaga is also promoting the Covid-19 precaution ready look with the earrings. 

Balenciaga also has made a ring similar to the earring design for those on a slightly tighter budget at RM 9,900.

The ring is made from similar materials as the earrings, and again, it seems to be a limited piece. 

Now, before you attack Balenciaga on social media for selling these, it’s most likely not made for common folks like us, to begin with. 

Furthermore, these two are limited production jewellery, regardless of what they are made of and will increase in value over time as they are rare pieces created by a respectable fashion house, Balenciaga.

Most of the jewellery they offer aren’t as expensive, but they are still pricey between RM 800 and RM 3,000. 

Last, this is not a sponsored article, I am just amazed at what Balenciaga produces.

Yes, the design is unique but the price and for what it is made of is eye-opening!

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