Kazi Mahmood

German Green Energy Failure With Coal Plant Reconnect

The Mehrum coal power plant in Lower Saxony will be the first to reconnect to Germany's grid in a rush…

2 months ago

The $ In The Face Of The Rise Of BRICS Currencies

If the 3.21 billion people who make up BRICS' member states are able to trade without using the dollar, it…

3 months ago

OpenSea Email Breach: This Is What You Got To do Next

OpenSea emails will never contain links which directly prompt you to sign a wallet transaction. Never sign a wallet transaction…

3 months ago

BBVA Switzerland Is Going Big With Cryptocurrency

According to a BBVA Switzerland representative, Ether was added because the cryptocurrency provides all guarantees for regulatory compliance.

3 months ago

New End Game: Target Russia

The main factors in the sudden deployment of a global banishment of Russia are the haste with which it was…

4 months ago

Deforestation could cost businesses up to $80b New Study States

Firms in industries such as timber, palm oil and cattle are off track to meet deforestation commitments made at COP26,…

4 months ago

Please, Apple, now do not play politics with my money!

Apple got to chose whether it is doing business and guaranteeing the well being of its customers no matter where…

5 months ago

Kovol is a super-devices charger that you need!

All you need to super-fast charging your devices at home or at work is this amazing piece of technology, the…

8 months ago

Mahathir Wants A Two-party System But Ku Li Hopes For A Stronger Monarchy

Mahathir wants a two-party system with one party absorbing all mini-Malay parties to fight back against corruption while Tengku Razaleigh…

10 months ago

The Watershed Moment at COP26

While the globe scrambles to fix an environmental crisis, the Queen's absence may have signalled the end of a great…

10 months ago