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The Arab world on Saturday thrashed US President Joe Biden’s attempt to knock-off Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Salam from power.

In unison, they are saying the FBI report is without substance.

“It is only an opinion from an agency and it is devoid of any conclusive evidence.”

This is what the Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Dr Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajjraf says.

The Arab defence of the Saudi Prince came as the US Cabinet downplays Biden’s attacks against Saudi Arabia.

The US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, says Washington’s relationship with Saudi Arabia was important.

He says the relationship reflected shared interests and values between the two countries.

“The relationship with Saudi Arabia is an important one. We have significant ongoing interests. We remain committed to the defence of the Kingdom,” Blinken says.

The secretary of state also reiterated the United States’ interests to continue doing business with the Kingdom.

Biden stated his intentions to limit arms sales to Saudi Arabia in a strategy to get rid of MBS.

But Blinken says the relationship with Saudi Arabia “bigger than any one individual.” The good cop and the bad cop?

His statement is supposed to show support to Saudi Arabia while whispering MBS should go.


Al-Hajraf says he will support any measures the Kingdom takes to preserve its rights.

For most Arab leaders and observers, the issue is one of foreign interference in Saudi affairs. This got them raising their voices against the ‘bullying’ Biden.

None of them expressed their opinions on the murder of Adnan Khashoggi. The killing of the journalist is the main reason for Biden’s expected onslaught against MBS.

Bahrain, UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, the Muslim World League, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab Parliament were all on the offensive.

Perhaps with a little surprise, Pakistan’s foreign ministry sides with MBS.

The Ministry notes the Saudi government termed Khashoggi’s murder as an “abhorrent crime.”

“Pakistan underscores adherence to the rule of law, respect for national sovereignty, and protection and promotion of human rights by all states,

“All in accordance with their respective constitutional frameworks and international obligations,” it adds.

The Secretary-General of the OIC categorically rejects “the incorrect conclusions contained” in the US report. They say it is “devoid of any conclusive evidence.”

Kuwait and other Arab nations categorically reject any attempts to affect the Kingdom’s sovereignty.


Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says Saudi Arabia remained “a strategic partner in the region.”

“From a military perspective, as I’ve said many times, we take seriously our security commitments to Saudi Arabia with respect to their ability to defend themselves.

“And they do need to defend themselves, particularly along that southern border.”

Indeed, the Pentagon is allowed to make statements that will salvage the billions of dollars the Saudi regime plans to send the US for weapons purchase.

This, despite Biden’s front showing he does not care about the money but he cares about his son Hunter Biden’s deal with the Chinese and the Ukrainians!

Photo Credit: Prince Muhammad Bin Salam Twitter

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