Bolehkah Anwar Menang Dengan Mahathir Lagi?

Bolehkah Anwar Menang Dengan Mahathir Lagi?

Can Anwar win with Mahathir again?

Anwar’s Contribution To Malaysian Politics

Anwar Ibrahim, the man destined to dominate local politics since his entry in the arena in the 1970s is a man with 9 political lives.
His opponents are still finding ways to eliminate him politically twenty years after he launched the reformasi movement.
But their failure is appalling despite the fact they used all sorts of tricks in the political sphere to end his career and block his ascension to the post of Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim’s contribution to the progress of other parties in Malaysia is immense. The Islamists PAS was accepted by all the people after fighting for Pakatan Rakyat, created by Anwar. The same goes for the DAP, Amanah and other parties. Even UMNO in the past could not be sued by other parties for the Anwar Ibrahim factor.

Many individuals associated with Anwar have made remarkable political progress. But the fact is that many of them betrayed him along the way.


The parties that had been allied to Anwar eventually left Anwar after they gained popular support and grew on the political scene.

PKR (Anwar’s Party) members also left Anwar in a mass betrayal this year to form a new government with the fallen regime of 2018.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad also did not honour his agreement with Anwar, an agreement sealed prior to the 2018 elections that saw the Pakatan Harapan with the PKR and Mahathir winning.


Apakah Anwar terlalu baik dan jujur dalam menjalani agenda rakyat atau sebenarnya Anwar, atau Anwar terlalu percaya kepada ahli politik yang akhirnya mengkhianatinya?

Is Anwar too good and honest in his ‘people’s agenda’ or is it actually Anwar who is too trusting towards the politicians who have finally betrayed him?

Or is Malaysian politics similar to that of other countries in the world where politicians love to take chances by abusing power every step of the way?

The fact is that Anwar is a reformist who has made a huge impression on Malaysian politics

But everyone used the power of Anwar and PKR to betray him.

We prefer the PKR to become the Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat (united for justice), a party for the people.
That way, the PKR can contest in all seats in the upcoming elections without depending on other parties.
Anwar needs to think ahead and prepare ahead of time. Trouble is ahead for PM Muhyiddin Yassin who betrayed the Pakatan Harapan government in February this year to form a new government without Anwar and Mahathir.
With Covid19, PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s name is in the hearts of the people. If the election is held this year, the National Alliance of Muhyiddin has a great chance of winning.
If Anwar is still with Tun Mahathir and still allows the DAP (Chinese led party) to dominate in the coalition, there is a risk the Malays will abandon him.
Muhyiddin will face a downhill soon, but if the PKR does not prepare itself well and take an early lead to win the hearts of the people, it will be difficult for Anwar to win the next elections. – Pusat Kajian Strategik dan Kepimpinan Rumpun Melayu, Riau

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