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Bostik Unveils Latest Woodworking Adhesive Innovations

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MALAYSIA, MARCH, 2021 — Bostik introduces two new smart adhesive solutions for woodworking. The state-of-the-art Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Hot Melt (EVA) T782 series and the Hot Melt Polyurethane Reactive (HMPUR) SUPERGRIP® 6683 adhesive solution.

The state-of-the-art T782 series and the SUPERGRIP® 6683 solution expand Bostik’s long line of innovations. They cater to the important Asia-Pacific (APAC) furniture market. According to Global Market Insights, the region accounted for more than 48% of the global revenue share in 2019.

130 YEARS!

With over 130 years of adhesives expertise, Bostik develops a full line of smart adhesive solutions that are safer, more flexible, efficient and responsive to the dynamic challenges of the environment. The new T782 series and the SUPERGRIP® 6683 further boosts the company’s wide-ranging portfolio for woodworking.

“The rising global demand for furniture over the past year means that we have to stay on top of our game to sustain the growth of the woodworking industry,” Brian Dong, Building Component and Woodworking Business Director, Bostik APAC Durable Goods, said. “Bostik offers the widest range

of woodworking adhesive solutions and continues to create modern product systems and solutions,

such as the new T782 series and the SUPERGRIP® 6683 solution.”

The T782 series is an EVA adhesive solution specifically designed for high-speed edge-banding process and irregular boards applications. Featuring excellent adhesion strength and extraordinary sealing and appearance performance, the solution fills in the deficiencies of conventional products used at high-speed production lines.

The T782 series presents robust processability, outstanding water-proof performance, and competitive cost-in-use value. This latest innovation stands as the perfect choice for big brands that use Industry 4.0 production lines, as well as smaller companies that have stringent requirements in banding strength, sealing, and appearance performance.

Meanwhile, the SUPERGRIP® 6683 solution is an HMPUR adhesive solution suited for edge banding. The groundbreaking solution offers good sealing performance for edges that help reduce customer pain points such as mildew and swelling.


The SUPERGRIP® 6683 also maintains excellent bonding strength even under hot or cold weather situations. Designed with a unique filler-free formula, the solution displays better water resistance as compared to its competitors. The adhesive solution features higher green strength and cohesion, along with improved aesthetics on various boards.

“The new T782 series and SUPERGRIP® 6683 are the results of Bostik’s unwavering dedication to developing smart adhesive solutions that improve the lives of all industry stakeholders,” said Dong.

“Bostik understands the requirements of the Asia-Pacific market and will continue to create smart solutions that blaze a trail in the woodworking adhesives market.”

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