Can Anwar trust Umno again after the October tragedy?

Can Anwar trust Umno again after the October tragedy?

We do not think Anwar can trust Umno again but we also think he has limited options with the PH which is in limbo!

In this article, I am discussing how Anwar Ibrahim the opposition leader got himself in a tangle.

He made a deal with a certain number of Umno MPs (we have no idea of the numbers until now).

The deal fell apart after the King virtually dismissed the plan for Umno MPs to follow Anwar and form a new government.

We have no idea why this happened. But usually, if the King disagrees with something like this, it will not happen.

The analysis then go on to see whether Anwar has strong support within the Pakatan Harapan.

After his contested move to bring Umno MPs in a coalition with the PH, can he count on them now?

There is a lot of talk going on with Mahathir Mohamad’s attack against Anwar remaining unanswered by PH parties.

Read the part two that will appear tomorrow in The Independent to know more on the situation within the PH.

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