Watch the Apple Car drive itself soon

Apple Car is now coming into reality with the Apple Watch software development boss taking control of the self-driving vehicle…

1 week ago

Comfortdelgro, Engie Win Tender To Provide EV Charging In Singapore

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) tender was keenly contested with a total of 19 bids submitted. It marks the first…

2 weeks ago

INEOS Grenadier Interior Is Ready For Anything!

The interior of the INEOS Grenadier is designed on purpose, to deliver space, practicality and versatility

2 months ago

INEOS Automotive Confirms Role Of The HALO Trust In Developing Its Grenadier 4×4

INEOS has been working with HALO since 2020, when it joined an active HALO operation in Angola and saw the…

3 months ago

Electric Cars To Outsell Fuel Vehicles By 2033?

Another impact in the U.S. is a growing consumer appetite for EVs, from Tesla’s hot-selling Model 3 and new electric…

3 months ago

A Unique Motor Car on an Appropriately Grand Scale

Rolls-Royce has created a Virtual Reality presentation for Phantom Tempus, accessible via the Google Cardboard app providing patrons with a…

7 months ago

Six Exciting Uses of AI in the Automotive Industry

Vincent Tang, Regional Vice President, Asia, Epicor Car companies have been leaders in the Industrial Revolution since Henry Ford invented…

7 months ago

Castrol Service Package now Available Via Shopee

Purchase the Castrol Service Package for stress-free, genuine oil and lubricants changes via Shopee

7 months ago

Toyota to Launch Two New Electric Vehicles After years of toying with hybrid cars, one of the finest car makers in the world, Toyota is finally…

7 months ago

Recycled Lithium-ion Batteries

Manufacturers are looking into the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, a market that is growing. Recycled Li-ion batteries are expected to…

7 months ago