PayerMax Boost Growth In EM With Singapore As Foothold

PayerMax will employ more resources and manpower in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, to accelerate digital payment adoption

4 days ago

MOCASA Raises Millions of Dollars In New Fundraising

As disclosed, MOCASA is significantly expanding its online payment scenarios with its virtual credit payment option.

2 weeks ago

EM Market To See Stronger Earnings Growth But Leverage Weakening

Rated emerging market companies will see stronger earnings growth than their developed market counterparts, but their leverage will weaken

4 weeks ago

BHEX.SG Set To Be A New Digital Payment Platform in Singapore

BHEX.SG has partnered with leading licensed service providers in the global market the license is a big step toward offering Digital…

1 month ago

Ruicycle Raises Over RMB 300m In New Funding From Series B

Legend Capital's investments in the carbon-neutral field focus on energy decarbonization, vehicle electrification/intelligence, synthetic biology

2 months ago

Global Macro Views – Is there a Fed pivot?

Substantial tightening is in the pipeline, and against the backdrop of mounting global recession risk the Fed’s signal of less…

2 months ago

August Is The EMs Key Turning Point For Capital Flows

Portfolio flows to Emerging Markets stood at -$9.8bn in July while equity and debt flows were -$1.0 bn and -$8.8bn.…

2 months ago

Visa Launching New Eco-friendly Payment Solutions In APAC

Over half of consumers in Asia Pacific would switch banks for products that help them calculate their carbon footprint Visa…

2 months ago

Emerging Markets Face Longest Withdrawals Of Funds

Yet the worst may be over for the Emerging Markets sell-off says the IIF and a period of consolidation is…

2 months ago

India’s Worsening Current Account And Portfolio Outflows

Cheap Russian oil and government measures to discourage gold imports are unlikely to change India’s external outlook meaningfully

2 months ago