The $ In The Face Of The Rise Of BRICS Currencies

If the 3.21 billion people who make up BRICS' member states are able to trade without using the dollar, it…

4 weeks ago

‘More Restrictive’ Policy If inflation Fails To Come Down

In the latest minutes of meeting, the Fed remained committed to combat inflation even if GDP growth to record slower…

1 month ago

APAC Banking Sector Expected to Declare $209n in Dividends

S&P Global Market Intelligence projects the aggregate dividend payout of the APAC banking sector to amount to USD 209 billion for…

1 month ago

Inflation: This Is How Central Banks Will Fight The Beast

The ECB could move ahead with a 50bps hike in September as it battles the inflation beast and this is…

1 month ago

Prime brokerage Clients Can Now Access DeFi marketplace

BEQUANT's institutional clients now can access Uniswap's DeFi marketplace through Fireblocks integration with efficient arbitrage

1 month ago

Fed Messed Up With Its Inflation Estimates

The FED calculated the risks of inflation on subjective elements such as society finishing COVID-19 by the end of this…

2 months ago

Do We Need A recession In Order To Avoid Stagflation?

To combat inflation, central banks may be tempted to send the economy into a mild recession, hoping it will force…

2 months ago

CIMB Niaga And JCB Launched A New Digital Credit Card

The CIMB Niaga JCB OCTO Card Digital Credit Card provides a comprehensive digital transaction experience for users

2 months ago

Stripe Powered Choco Payment To Boost Digital Merchants Growth

With Choco Payment, business owners can access flexible working capital in as quickly as 24 hours to accelerate business growth

2 months ago

The rise in global interest rates creates a new shock

A global interest rate hike and high inflation shock caused longer-term government bond yields in advanced economies to rise sharply…

2 months ago