How New Viruses Will Affect the Lives of 10m Americans

Humans and viral pathogens have co-existed for millennia. Some human viruses are gone as quickly as they came, while others…

2 months ago

Sciwind: Good Results In Ecnoglutide Weight Loss Clinical Trial

Sciwind says mean body weight loss of 9.6% and 9.0% in participants receiving 1.8 mg and 2.4 mg XW003 for…

2 months ago

Fat Grafting Could Be A Treatment For Surgery Scars

Fat grafting can be a component of corrective surgery for dents and irregular contours in face, body disfigurement from liposuction…

2 months ago

AGC Biologics In New Partnership With Altheia Science

The Milan-based AGC Biologics facility provides lentiviral vector and autologous CD34+ cell-based drug products for clinical testing

2 months ago

Baxter Healthcare Announces Steven Flynn As New APAC Head

He will succeed Andrew (Andy) Frye who served as Senior Vice President and President for APAC since 2017 at Baxter

2 months ago

Rooney Family Pledges Big Cheque to NCH Healthcare System

Donation to support the establishment of the NCH Heart, Vascular, and Stroke Institute. NCH Healthcare System plans to build new…

3 months ago

Focus on The Unlawful Instead of Prohibitive Policies on The Lawful

The MCCI says its concern is more about prohibitive policies that only impact legitimate businesses and does not address the…

3 months ago

A Greater Improvement Of Tinnitus Symptoms By Neuromod

Tinnitus, commonly referred to as "ringing in the ears" is thought to affect between 10 – 15% of the global…

3 months ago

How To Handle Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome

Sometimes, Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome can be so pronounced that some women may have trouble using their arm or moving it…

3 months ago

Novartis’s AXON Technology wins Medical Technology-Pharmaceuticals award

AXON can predict the likelihood of a patient experiencing life-threatening clinical outcomes and allows specialists to screen high-risk patients on…

4 months ago